Horse Jumping in Thailand…

horse jumping thailand

Junior age 6 reaching new heights on Amy ….

Clydesdales at 2 and half years old …

We have had numerous people asking us how the Clydesdales are bearing up in the intense Thai summer heat? well they seem to enjoy the sun just the same as when foreigners come here on holiday from cold countries… at 2 and half years old they are now getting pretty big ‘

clydesdale horses thailand

Natural breeding – อะไรก็สู้ธรรมชาติไม่ได้

เปิดรับผสมพันธุ์ แชมป์ยิปซีจากอังกฤษ – คาผสม B20,000 สนใจโทไปคุณ Lek 0860593028

natural breeding horses

Robert ‘ Bobby ‘ Monks Visits farm..

Robert ‘ Bobby ‘ Monks the famous scouser from Liverpool visited us today ..

Robert Bobby Monks Liverpool UK

Cookie at 3 weeks old

Cookie was already big when she was born, looking nice and strong at 3 weeks old …

foal gypsy vanner cob