Irish Sports Horse arriving in quarantine Bangkok

Lorrette… Irish Sports Horse arriving in quarantine Bangkok after her long journey from England UK..

7 year old registered Irish Sports Horse, raised from top blood lines in Ireland UK, 16.1 hands mare very well schooled, fearless hunter will jump banks, ditches, stone walls.. – (horse is sold)

ม้า Irish Sports Horse จากอังกฤษ ตัวเมีย 7 ปี สูง 161 cm ม้าเป็นเก่ง กระโดดเก่ง มาถึงประเทศไทยพฤษภาคม ม้าตัวนี้ขายไปแล้วแต่ถ้าสนใจม้าแบบนี้ ติดต่อเรา เราจะนำเข้าให้ครับ

Irish Sports Horse

Veterinary day.. 3 mares in foal

The The Horsepital Vet Team from Khorat visited today ( and we were pleasantly surprised to find  that out of three mares tested three were in foal,

How to Check a Mare for Pregnancy

pregnancy checking broodmares


Pregnant Horse Ultrasound

Cookie at 6 weeks old ..

At just 6 weeks old cookie is an unusually large foal ,,,,

gypsy vanner asia

Horse Breeding in Thailand

A stunning quarter horse came today to breed with ‘ Frankie’ the future foal is sure to be outstanding!  it was the first time the mare had been bred and she kicked out a lot so the quick release safety shackles came in useful today..

horse breeding thailand


Stallion for stud at Leks Ranch Udon Thani…