Hacking out – Trail Riding In Thailand

This mornings ride out into the forest ..beautiful scenery up in the hills near Phu Foilom National Park in Thailand …
ขี่ม้าสวย อุดรธานี สนใจ 0860593028



Early morning exercise – horse riding Thailand

No playing with mobile phones, early morning exercise around the lake before school …
Horse Riding in Udon Thani – ขี่ม้า อุดรธานี สนใจ 0860593028


Pigs chilling out with horses ‘

All the animals seem to get along, even the pigs seem to feel safe around the horses….


Trail Riding on Gyspy Cob Horses – Udon Thani – Thailand

Out and about on the trail with the Gypsy Cobs this morning,  private riding lessons now available:


Private Horse Riding Lessons / Tuition Lek’s Ranch Udon Thani Thailand

New Litter – Miniature Pot Belly Piglets For Sale

We have 13  miniature piglets that will shortly be looking for new homes….

Miniature pigs make ideal pets : (easier to house train than a dog)

Mini pigs are extremely smart,  (6 times smarter than a dog) , have the cognitive abilities of a 3 year old child, and are the 3rd smartest animal on the planet!   They don’t smell, contrary to what people believe, and they are overall very clean animals.  Typically, they have no problem getting along with other animals that you have; such as dogs, cats, or other farm animals.   Just give them time to adjust to one another and they will soon be lifelong friends.  Mini pigs can be great companions with children as well!  They are an overall great family pet!  While mini pigs are amazing in so many ways, they are a huge commitment and should be taken very seriously, they can live up to 15 years.

3000 baht per pig or 5000 for a pair

Can be seen with mother..

Inquiries phone Lek  0860593028

Can be viewed at Leks Horse Ranch Udon (by appointment only)


Private riding lessons – Beginners Course – Leks Ranch Equestrian Club Udon Thani – Thailand

Private riding lessons..

We now offer private professional riding lessons for both beginners and advanced for ages from 5 through to adult, please note that all bookings have to be made in advance by either Telephone: 0860593028 or email leksranch@gmail.com


(Nearly all our riding horses are imported from UK or USA)

Price per single session: 1000 Baht or,

We offer 3 different levels of riding course,

Beginners Course, (course consists of 10 lessons)

Adult age 15 years + 9500 Baht

Child up to 15 years 7500 Baht

Either you or your child will learn:

Mounting: In order to ride a horse, you have to know how to get on a horse. Your instructor will show and teach you the correct and safe way to mount and dismount a horse.

Balance and Control: Once you’re on the horse, the next skill you’ll learn has to do with balance and control of your body. In order to ride and be one with the horse, you have to develop your seat and center of balance. One of the most important parts of developing your balance and harmony with the horse is learning how to “post.” Posting is the motion that allows you to get off of the horse’s back and move in harmony with him / her while in trotting.

Stopping and Steering: Once you’ve developed your balance, you’ll then be taught to stop and steer the horse. Stopping and steering are essentials to correct and safe riding.

The Aids: Once you’ve developed your seat and have learned to stop and steer, you’ll learn how to ask the horse to walk, trot, and halt.

Please note: On the beginners course you will start off by being led on a lead rope at walking pace to get used to the ‘ feel ‘ of being on a horse by one of our experienced handlers..  the you will progress to learning the rising trot 0n a long lunge line (posting) this is actually considered the most difficult gait to learn but most students usually get the hang of it after 3 – 4 lessons..  you will then progress to be able to walk and trot around freely within the riding area.  then you are ready to move onto the next level..

(Children younger than 5 (or older) can still experience horse riding on one of our pony’s but must be lead by on of our trainers)

Advanced / experienced riders welcome, beautiful (outside of riding center) trail rides through North Eastern villages and countryside available, please enquire for more details….

Intermediate and advanced course details coming very soon…. (or please enquire)