Thai Fresh Water Fish Species at Lek’s Ranch – Fishing Lake Udon Thani

The lake boasts over 40 different fish species ranging from the huge 40kg + Mekong Catfish & 30kg  Siamese Carp, to vicious predators such as Amazon Redtail and Arapaima up to 35kg…

Here is the full list stocked species

Siamese Carp – Pla goho , we have a very good stock of Siamese Carp up to 30 – 40kg +  (66lb – 88lb +

Giant Mekong Catfish – Pla beuk, a good stock from 10kg up to 80kg ….

Newly introduced Shovel Nose Tiger Cat Fish

Arapaima – Pla Chon Amazon , newly introduced to the lake


The Ripsaw Catfish (Oxydoras niger)  to enhance your fishing experience we have recently added a nicely balanced quantity of Ripsaw.

Amazon Redtail Catfish – Pla Hang Daeng Amazon, a good stock up to 16 kg

Aligator Garplaa jarakay (alligator fish) presently up to 20 kg +

Asian Redtail Catfish – Pla hang Daeng – stock up to 20kg

Catfish Shark (chao phraya catfish) – Pla Tepa – stock up to 25kg

Black Ear Catfish (Pla tepo) – quite a rare fish, can tell by their distinctive black spot behind gills  – stock 8 – 12kg


Common Carp – Pla Nai – the lake is very well stocked up to 10kg


Juliens Golden Prize Carp – Pla Yeesock – very well stocked up to 25kg

Ghost Carp – Hybrid Koi & Pla Nai – the lake is very well stocked up to 10kg


Black Shark Minnow Carp


Koi carp – Pla carp –  good stock up to 10kg


Mrigal White Carp – Cirrhinus Cirrhosus (similar to pla nuan chan but no barbels)


Striped Catfish – Pla Sawai


Clown Featherbacks – clown knifefish


Barramundi  – Asian Sea Bass – Pla Kapong


Giant Gourami – Pla Lat


Chinese Silver Carp


Catla Catla – Pla Goho India


Chinese Big Head Carp (up to 25kg)


Our fishing Sala’s offer the ultimate comfort…




Other Species Include:

Pacu – Pla jaramet








Pla tapien – Java barb







Rohu Carp – Pla yissok india








Bla Kot – Green Cat fish






Orange Bla Nin








Blah Mor Tep







Suckermouth Catfish – Bla Joker












Goonch \ Giant Bagarius – Pla Kaey

Catfish Wallago Attu – Blah Kow

Golden Tapien – Tapien Tong

Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish

Kissing Gurami – Helostoma teminiskii,

Osphronemus goramy – Albino Silvery

Iridescent Shark Striped Catfish

Hoevens carp – Bla Ba

Pla nuan chan – Small scale mud carp

Pla yissok india – Rohu

Pla tong gai – Featherback

Arawana – pla taepat

Pla tong. Common goldfish

Chinese silver carp – pla chin

ปลาสร้อยนกเขา  bla sroy Nok kow

Bla Boo


Lek’s Specimen Fishing Park ( Private Fishing Lake For Hire )

Conveniently situated only 3 km for Udon Thani airport…… (pick up / taxi service available)

In a private and secluded beautiful North East Thailand setting the mixed specimen coarse lake boasts over 40 different fish species ranging from huge 80kg + Mekong Catfish & 40kg + Siamese Carp, to vicious predators such as the Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Chao Phraya Catfish, Amazon Redtail and many more..

Some of the big fish require strong tackle so we use high end imported fishing tackle which can be provided free of charge, inc Free Spirit rods, Shimano big bait runners, rod pods equipped with Fox bite alarm indicators , full tackle box .. also enough bait for the day.. you maybe also bring your own tackle but it will be inspected for suitability for catching our larger residents..

Private salas offering ultimate comfort and protection from the sun and rain whilst fishing / relaxing with cool fans, a fully stocked mini bar, Western and Thai food available.. (plug sockets and fast WIFI connection for family members)

We also have pony rides for the kids (and adults) ..

Transport, accommodation, food and drinks available…

Please Note: This is not a commercialized fishing park but a private secluded lake and currently fishing would be reserved exclusively for yourself, family or group, to avoid disappointment we would prefer that bookings are to be made in advance

To contact us and obtain directions to our lake you can email us for a fast response at or call us on 0860593028 within Thailand or +66860593028 from abroad…


Lek’s Ranch & Fishing Park Udon Thani
Tel: 0860593028